Here I am, writing my first blog, never thought I would, but here we are! Might as well get through the formalities before getting onto the good stuff. I am an accredited strength and conditioning coach who has worked in the fitness/sporting sector for about 15 years. Coaching experience has ranged from my native sports of Gaelic football and hurling back home in Ireland, to elite-level strength and conditioning for track and field and football (soccer) in the UK. Having learned a lot on this coaching journey since coming to the UK, this leads us nicely onto the rationale for this blog.

Not only having a deep interest in strength and conditioning, but I have also developed an interest in areas such as minimalism and stoicism. These have greatly help me in my everyday work, and I wish to pass that onto you. So the objective of this blog is to talk about everything strength and conditioning from book reviews and academic journal articles, which may help with your work to talking about areas such as stoicism, meditation, and minimalism and how you can apply it to your life.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, I am still learning a lot of this and by no means an expert (glad I cleared that one up!). Therefore, many of the areas we talk about here are still quite new to me, so we will be learning together! I suppose let’s get on with the show, and enjoy the ride!

“Begin – to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished” – Marcus Aurelius

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