Squatting is a fantastic exercise for the lower body. It works everything from the quadriceps, adductor group, and glutes to the hamstrings and erector spinae. The squat is considered the number one bodybuilding movement pattern.

Squatting is a fantastic exercise for the lower body. 

With this in mind, one should always try to implement a squat pattern in their resistance training programs. Now you may be saying to yourself, ‘Does that mean I need to back squat every time I am working out?’. Not at all, there are plenty of options out there in regards to exercise selection for the squat. The following list is created so you can spice up your sessions while keeping the basics in place


Barbell ExercisesDumbbell/Kettlebell ExercisesBodyweight Exercises
Barbell Back SquatGoblet SquatPrisoner Squats
Barbell Overhead SquatKettlebell SquatSquat Pulses
Barbell Front SquatDumbbell Squat and ReachWall Sits
Barbell X Front SquatOverhead Kettlebell SquatBasic Bodyweight Squat
Range of Squat Exercises

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