It has been a weird time over these last few months, and many people are still trying to get to grips of the reality of COVID 19. But here are a few lessons I have taken away over this particular time.

  • ExerciseEveryone knows how important is it for our physical and mental wellbeing. Just move your body and move it often, it’s that simple (more like a reminder this one)
  • Anxiety is always with us –  No doubt anxiety levels have gradually increased over time, and you will never eliminate anxiety completely, but you can manage it through various activities such as exercise, meditation and artwork.
  • Family/Friends – Your family and friends are what is important and not material objects. Be present and don’t be caught up in all the hype of consumerism.
  • Being ‘connected’scrolling through your social feeds for hours a day is not being ‘connected’. Limiting our screen time and chatting face to face does wonders to our mental health.  A simple phone call matters a lot more than a like to a post.
  • Security – There is no such thing as security in life, things change, and we have to accept that and adapt to be able to move forward. This is the new normal.
  • Time is not unlimited – Don’t waste it, our time here is going faster than you think. Use it wisely. Watching 4 hours a tv a day will mean that by 65 years of age you wasted 9 years of your life.
  • Work – Are you living to work or working to live – food for thought.
  • Pastimes – Get a hobby outside your line of work. Don’t be that work, home, tv, repeat person.
  • Keep learning – Always strive to keep learning. If you are not learning, you are not living – Kevin James Breaux
  • Information overloadYes, there is a thing called having too much of it, turn off the news and the social media consume and get outside, get creative.

Don’t worry, we are all still trying to figure out this thing called life!

“Always strive to keep learning. If you are not learning, you are not living” – Kevin James Breaux

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,


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