You may be wondering to yourself, “aw it’s very easy just to quote a stoic, but really how can I apply their philosophy to my life?”

Well let’s look at a few famous quotes and figure out how we can apply it to our busy lifestyles.

“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.”
― Marcus Aurelius

What Marcus is alluding to here is stop talking the talk and just do the walk! Be the best partner, mother, son, friend you can be and don’t just say you will be. 

  • Be a good listener, sometimes it’s all that someone might need
  • Communicate, it is the key to any type of relationship
  • Be honest, it is the best attribute anyone can have.

Begin at once to live, and count each separate day as a separate life.” – Seneca

Forget about what happened yesterday, live today and take in the now. If you keep looking at the past, you will never realise what the present is.

  • Be mindful, try be more in tune with your surroundings
  • Use journaling to get your thoughts down on paper so you can address them and move on.
  • Life is too short for hold grudges from past times.

“How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?” – Epictetus

Never settle for less than you deserve. Always strive for the best, no matter what it is in life. Simple.

  • Do not neglect self-care, your body is a temple, look after it.
  • Every day, is a learning opportunity, take advantage of it.
  • Surround yourself with the best people.

As you can see you can apply the works of stoicism to your life right away the only question is whether you do so or not.

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,


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