Working backwards

I must complete this, that, the other and of course that too. Sound like you? I think it sounds like the majority of people reading this. Goal setting is something that you may have learned back in school or uni but are you implementing in your daily life?

You may be but you don’t realise it. If you are one that definitely does not implement such strategies, try the following

  1. Set out your year objective (year)
  2. Break that down into 12 ‘modules’ (month)
  3. Break each ‘module’ into 4 mini sections (week)
  4. Plan what days in which to carry out the mini sections.

This can be set for each objective you have for the year. It is a basic outline on how to start goal setting, and I hope this helps you reach your goal.

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,


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