That blue glare…

On the train, between zoom meetings and even at the dinner table. That blue glare…

We have all heard the advice, ‘smoking is bad, you should stop that’, but has anyone said you ‘scrolling is bad, you should stop that’. Probably not.

The internet is big, like really big, 8.95 million photos on Instagram,350 million photos on Facebook and 500 million tweets. And that’s on a single day, no matter how much you are scrolling, you will never catch up.

Addiction to our phones and scrolling has been highlighted in recent times with many comparing it to smoking. And yes it may well be, as 30 years ago you would have seen lots of smoke whereas now you see lots of screens.

So how about putting down that 4-inch screen for a while and checking out the real world.

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,


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