5 tips from the Weight room

Due to many liking my previous post on 10 lessons in academy football, I thought it would be good to follow up with 5 tips and tricks used in the gym/weight room.

  1. The use straps are great for athletes who struggle to get into the front rack position. Bear in mind this won’t fix the issue, and additional work is required around the T-spine and lat areas (Video Link)
  2. If an athlete struggles to get depth in their squat, I have found elevating the heels helps improves depth. Again the key is to realise that this won’t fix the issue, and additional work on the ankle complex is required.
  3. A wooden dole can become your best coaching tool as it can help cue athletes to get into positions depending on the exercise, e.g. hinge pattern.
  4. When asked the question, “How much should I lift?” I find the use of Dan John’s strength ratios to be handy to give a ballpark figure.
  5. To reduce lumber extension during DB overhead pressing, placing one foot on top of a bench is great to help combat it (Video link)

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,



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