How many social profiles are you following?

200, 500, 1000, 10,000 – How many?

Up to recently, I was following over 1000 Twitter profiles to bring me ‘value’, although I wasn’t seeing 99% of them due to the ‘algorithm‘. Therefore recently, I decluttered my following list, and now it sits around 100. And yes, some might say that’s still too much, but it’s a slow process!

So ask yourself the following question – Are the people you follow on social media providing you value? If not, then why are you following them and letting them have access to you 24/7?

Don’t get me wrong, as social media has done wonders for our society, but again it is how you use it?. So if that particular individual is not providing you value, then just ‘Unfollow’. The idea of social media is to connect us positively and not negatively affect us. If a particular person is having a negative influence on you, you know what to do.

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,



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  1. Great stuff. Always worth de cluttering who you are following on social media. Even Instagram has the option to mute someone’s stories or posts as I find some accounts have good quality content in one and then garbage in the other.

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