Are you getting your daily dose of non screen time?

Screens are everywhere, and since this pandemic has kicked us off our high chairs, the use of virtual meetings and chats have only increased and become the norm. Are you feeling the drain yet? Indeed you have at one stage or another. Before we go on, we need to bear in mind that the use of screens is not exactly a big thing; it is HOW we use them is the issue.

Here are a few tips I’m trying to implement in my life at the moment

  • Limit screen use 60 mins before bedtime 
  • Select one day in which you try to stay away from all big screens such as tv and laptops (Weekends might be suited for this)
  • Keep your phone in another room at night time and limit its use within 30 minutes of getting up every morning.
  • Turn off all app notifications that are not necessary (which is the majority of them!). Doing so will limit the number of times you hear the ‘bing’, reducing the urge to look at your phone

I hope this helps to reduce your virtual overload!

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,



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