10 Practical S&C tips from the gym floor

By The Stoic Strength Coach 

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10 Practical S&C tips – Photo by Jelmer Assink 

Since many of you enjoyed my last post on the 10 S&C lessons from Academy football, I thought it would be good to post on what I have learned from the gym floor to get strong. Here is a post on 10 practical S&C tips you can apply right away. Enjoy!

Our emphasis is on execution, not winning. – Pat Summitt

  1. A wooden dowel is a great teaching tool. Simple and cheap. I have attached an amazon affiliate link of the ones I have purchased in the past. (Click here).
  2. Barbell complexes are a great way to warm up as it hits all major movements from squat pattern to overhead pressing. 
  3. Foam Rolling – No need to do more than 5 mins. You can cover the whole body in less than 5 if done efficiently.
  4. For group-based work be sure to organise your gym space before players/clients come in, as it will help your session run more smoothly. Placing exercises in certain positions is key, to reduce confusion and waiting times.
  5. Use your imagination – Utilise the equipment you have. For example, if you don’t have enough barbells and have squatting and RDL work in your program, use the barbell to squat and dumbbells to RDL. By using different pieces of kit you will reduce waiting times between exercises.
  6. If you are limited on weight, using Single leg (SL) various of exercises is a great way to load up. 
  7. Supersetting exercises is a must if you wish to use the most of your time in the gym. There are many ways you can do this from upper and lower body lift superset to linking a lower body lift with an upper body mobility or core exercise. It is important to identify what each area players need to focus on and ensure they are working on that particular area. Using the results from a players individual movement screen is a great way to identify this.
  8. Pairing athletes together is a great way to encourage communication among the team and it’s a fantastic opportunity for players to lead on certain exercises. This will also give you more eyes on the athletes that require more attention.
  9. If you don’t have the budget for gym programming software, the use of google drive is great way to link players to their gym programs without the use of sheets of paper. By doing so all they will need is a Gmail account which is free to set up.
  10. Don’t forget to put in Frontal and Transverse plane exercises. We as coaching tend to get stuck in the sagittal plane.

Food for thought. Till next time, Stay Stoic,


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