Making the most of your time while investing in yourself

By The Stoic Strength Coach 

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The idea of this blog and these posts are to make the reader ponder a little about how he/she is living their life, and I hope these posts get you to think a little bit differently on how you can approach life, which leads to the topic of today’s post – investing in yourself and how you do it. 

In the middle of a park in proximity to where we live in East London, I was looking at the local cricket team play (me not knowing exactly how the game is played!) when the idea of how we invest our time sprung to mind. Of course, these players are investing their time in their favourite pastime/exercise, which is excellent, but how are you investing your time?

Everyone should be investing in themselves in some shape or other in various areas of their lives.

Everyone talks about it, from self-help books to podcasts, and the main message I want to get across today is that everyone should be investing in themselves in some shape or form in various areas of their lives. Here are a few tricks that you can use if you are looking to invest in yourself from a knowledge point of view:

Library Card – Get one, it’s free at your local library, and you can rent any book out for a fixed time at no charge – easy win.

Kindle – Ok, there is an upfront cost to owning a kindle (roughly £70), but the ROI (return of investment) is enormous as many Kindle books tend to be at least 50% cheaper than hard copies. I have a Kindle, and I can say it’s been a fantastic investment due to it being so easy to carry around while travelling.

Use of blog posts and social media – now, this can be a difficult one, as social media tends to get a bad rep a lot of the time, but if used correctly, it can be an excellent tool for helping to invest in yourself. But, again, the key is to limit your use and only follow accounts and personalities that bring value to you, not just for endless scrolling

Use of podcasts – An obvious one, but again make sure you are listening to podcasts that provide you with value and not just entertainment; now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong about listening to a podcast for enjoyment, but if you are looking for one in order to learn from, be sure to pick wisely. 

This post’s critical message is that everyone should invest time/money in themselves to try and make the best version of themselves. I hope this post gives you a little nudge towards investing more time in yourself and let me know in the comments below how you invest your time!

Till next time, Stay stoic, 

Michael Mullane
Michael Mullane

I stumbled across Stoicism, which has changed my outlook on life; therefore, this blog has been set up to share my journey and hopefully help you on the way.


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