Are you going to organise or simplify?

Which one are you currently doing?

By The Stoic Strength Coach 

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Organise or simplify?
Photo by Tim Gouw

“Aw, I need to get around to sorting that”

“Why is this bathroom always a mess, clean it”

“Are you ever going to organise that drawer of yours?”

Sound familiar?

Organise, sort out, clean up. We use these words when talking about every space we interact with, from living and working to outdoor and storage areas, but how about using the word simplify instead?

“Most organising is nothing more than well-planned hoarding – @TheMinimalists

Maybe if we switch our use of words from ‘organising’ to ‘simplifying’, it may click that we do not need as many items as “we are supposed to have”. Simplifying means removing what we don’t need. So have a little think next time you need to ‘organise’ that kitchen drawer, and ask yourself what is really needed here.

Food for thought. Till next time, Stay Stoic,