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Essentialism – What is it all about?

You may or may not have heard of the term ‘Essentialism,’ a term popularised by Greg McKeown in his excellent book ‘Essentialism – The Disciplined Pursuit of Less.’ The idea behind the book is to focus on only the essential aspects of your life and being more selective with our time. You may think that now may not be the best time to think of this, but it may well be the best time before the hustle and bustle of post-COVID kicks in.

“If you do not prioritize your life someone else will” – Greg McKeown

The book is broken down into four sections (Essence, Explore, Eliminate, Execute), which helps us understand how to implement essentialism in our lives. Greg explains that the current world “we live in where almost everything is worthless and a very few things are exceptionally valuable.” People struggle with implementing essentialism way of life as they keep holding on to the belief that everything is important. Which makes your wonder, do you hold everything in your life at equal importance? Maybe worth thinking about when you are stuck in the office at 10 pm doing ‘important work’ with your family at home waiting for you.

The point Greg is making is that you cannot have it all, you can’t be the ‘yes man’ to everything, even if you really wanted to. He leaves the readers with one final point.

“Whatever decision or challenge or crossroads you face in your life, simply ask yourself, what is essential?”

“Eliminate everything else.”

Food for thought.

Till next time, Stay Stoic,


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