Minimalism – what is it all about?

Is minimalism or being a minimalist about the idea of having nothing in your room or living area?

By The Stoic Strength Coach 

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No, minimalism or being a minimalist is a lot more than that as it is about being specific and essential with what you do in life from your purchases to how you spend your time.

“Minimalism is about an intential search for happiness” – @alsomelissa

So why did I choose it? – simple, to make my life simpler and more enjoyable. No other reason really, I was getting bogged down by so much. With things that didn’t really matter, minimalism help me focus on what is important. In particular, it helped in areas such as decluttering the space around me so I had more time to do what I wanted and less time spent cleaning. It has helped me in other ways from timekeeping to encountering fewer decisions during the day.

Now I am not going to tell you that you should bring it into your life as I don’t know what your situation is but all I can say is that it helped me a lot in my journey. 

If you are interested in looking into it be sure to check out The Minimalists, Joshua Becker, and Zen Habits as these are great places to start.

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3 books you need to read now!

Book 1: Weight Room Wisdom: Lessons In Leadership From 99 Strength Coaches

Fantastic book from the legendary strength coach Dan John. This book is made up of stories from 99 of the best S&C coaches in the world. Written to inspire and motivate both coach and athlete. It is broken up into mini metaphorical and personal stories that can be read over your morning coffee.

SSC Top Tip: Read one chapter per day, it is a straightforward read, and you could do it over one sitting, but I feel you will take more away if you take your time and focus on one per day.

Book 2: Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones

In recent times I have read many books on habits and habit change but is by far the best out there. James breaks it down to small, manageable chunks for you to digest, which links to how he shows us how to attack this area of our lives. James explains it is not about making significant changes, but tiny ones and then building on that.

SSC Top Tip: This book is very practical, so implement the ideas as you read the book. Don’t just read the book through and put it all into practice at the end. Implement it as you read along.

Book 3: Minimalism: Live a Meaningful Life

This Is the debut book from the minimalists, two best friends who walked away from six-figure salaries and started to focus on what is essential in life. After life-changing events, Josh and Ryan discovered minimalism, which allowed them to remove all excess things in their lives.

SSC Top Tip: Check out their Documentary on Netflix along with reading the book, as it helps the reader a greater picture.

Books for thought.

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