The Morning Routine

Morning routines? – what are they, are they needed, some may say yes, others no. However, today, I will talk about my routine so you may get some ideas if you are contemplating beginning one yourself. This is not to say you should follow this exact routine, the critical thing is to do whatever sets you up for the day ahead.

In regards to waking up, I try to get up between 6-7am each morning as I feel I have wasted the morning if I get up any later than that. Usually, this is followed by the making of morning coffee along with a quick clean of the kitchen. This idea was proposed by James Clear in his fantastic book ‘Atomic Habits.’ James suggests that try to follow a habit directly after another (the cleaning of the kitchen after making the coffee). This is followed by sitting in a reading corner, located in our room. We did not have this corner before lockdown, but this time at home has really opened our eyes to the importance of having one.

Now the routine really begins, it starts off usually with a guided meditation using the 10% Happier app. It is an excellent app as it has various levels and times which can suit every individual. This is followed by listening and reading the daily stoic podcast and book. These are both by Ryan Holiday and would definitely recommend if you are interested in stoicism (like myself). These are only a few minutes long and are great with your morning coffee! The final part of my morning routine is 20 minutes of reading. This typically various from texts in stoicism such as Meditations, Letters from a Stoic, etc. to other non-fiction books that I may be currently reading.

In total, the routine takes about 45 minutes as I like to take my time, but this can be easily cut down to 30 minutes. At the moment, this routine is going well as I am currently based at home, but when work returns, I may have to adjust it. I hope this gives you some ideas in regards to what you could potentially do in your morning routine and feel free to let me know what your morning routine involves in the comments below!

Till next time, Stay Stoic,